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Solutions to Climate Change: Evaluating the Options-Dr. Andy Jorgenson

Dates:November 8-15, 2023
Meets:W from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Cost: $20.00

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Recently we have experienced several very serious climate change impacts-record worldwide temperatures in July, continuing forest fires producing unhealthy air across much of the U.S., and extreme flooding in the Northwest of the country. Clearly, this is a time to get serious about Solutions to climate change. Each Solution offers a unique path for reducing the consequesces of climate-related problems, but each also carries a set of limitations as well as advantages. Should everyone switch to electricvehicles or are we better off investing in technology to capture carbon dioxice directly from the air? Some think we should eject dust particals into the atmosphere t partly block the sun, while others think that dydogen is the ideal energy source for the future. Reducing the impact of climate change is an imperative for our society, but we must clearly consider the pros and cons for each possible solution. Instructor: Dr. Andy Jorgenson is a Retired Associate Professor of Chemistry & Enviromental Sciences, UT
Fee: $20.00

Save $5.00 with a Life Scholars Membership

Andy Jorgensen

Date Day Time Location
11/08/2023Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Building B - General Technologies Room 101
11/15/2023Wednesday2 PM to 4 PM Building B - General Technologies Room 101