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Murder, Cannibalism, & Mayhem in Early America

Dates:November 21, 2023
Meets:Tu from 10:00 AM to 12 N
Cost: $25.00

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Our news reports today seem to be full of horrific killings, and events of mass destruction, however, North America since Columbus's time has had a sad history of such violence. Our land was once thought to be inhabited by cannibals and in fact, the term may have been coined by Columbus. In this class, we will investigate American crimes of violence and instances of cannibalism in our early history. Attacks on Schools an innocent children are not something that is a product of our times. One of the worst school attacks in our history occurred in 1920 in a small Michigan town; the perpetrator was treasurer of the school board and greeted his victims as they arrived for their last day of classes. Numerous serial killers committed their crimes before the term was even invented and American cannibals were more common than you might have imagined. WE may never know why these people committed unbelievable acts of violence against their victims, but their stories are fascinating. Instructor: Dan Baker
Fee: $25.00

Save $5.00 with a Life Scholars Membership

Dan Baker