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The Upper Country of Abraham Lincoln!

Dates:October 4-11, 2023
Meets:W from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Cost: $30.00

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Historians have always dismissed the psychic involvements of Abraham Lincoln, which in his time, were well kept State secrets. Instead, we were led to believe that it was Mary Todd Lincoln who attended seances both in the White House and with friends in Georgetown. She consulted psychic mediums, card readers, mystics, and seers alone. Lincoln never joined her! Or did he? We now know that Lincoln had not only an interest in the supernatural, but a rich background in it, beginning as a young boy in Kentucky. He believed in dreams, omens, and premonitions as predictors of the future. He frequently consulted Spiritualists for advice during the Civil War, making him perhaps our most Paranormal President. He believed he had to elevate himself to a higher dimension in which to experience the "Otherworldly realm." He called this dimension, " The Upper Country." Let's meet there in October while the veil is thinnest, shall we? Who knows what we'll discover together! Instructor: Kent McClary & Janet McClary
Fee: $30.00

Save $5.00 with a Life Scholars Membership

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Kent McClary

Date Day Time Location
10/04/2023Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Building B - General Technologies Room 101
10/11/2023Wednesday6 PM to 8 PM Building B - General Technologies Room 101